Phenil Isopropile Amine / Bad Habit @ Marni Jazz Festival

3 March 2021 6 mins

Cruz controL featuring Bruce Ellison (ppz30)
& Geoffroy de Masure @ Marni Jazz Festival
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Phenil Isopropile Amine (Bobby Jaspar) / Bad Habit (Bruce Ellison-PPZ30)
Arrangements : Cruz controL

Cruz controL :
Julie Dehaye : Fender Rhodes
François Lourtie : Saxophones
Jérôme Heiderscheidt : Electric bass guitar
Jérôme Klein : Drums

Guests :
Bruce Ellison : Vocals & mime
Geoffroy De Masure : Trombone

Video credits :
Camera operators : Natacha Hubaut, Nicolas Pruvot,
Gérard Lambot
Sound recording : Patrice Hardy
Directing, video editing and sound mixing :
Jérôme Heiderscheidt // Studio Ubik​

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Cruz Control Progressive Jazz Music
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